DIY: Tribal Nail Art

DIY: Tribal Nail Art


Step 1: Select colors you love. Any colors will do, but I recommend bright. This is a loud print that lends itself well to funky colors.
I used: Illamasqua in purple – any color from them is a vibrant hit. Color Club neon pink – not only is this brand organic, it has one of the best neon collections available. Uslu Airline – I tracked down from Germany for its rich blue shade. Essie for its white – it applies thin and rich and dries quickly.

Step 2: Cover the nail with a white base and allow 2 minutes to dry. Apply a second basecoat.

Step 3: Stripe the nail with the 3 colors you’ve selected, again allowing 2 minutes to dry.

Step 4: Once that has dried outline the colors with a black nail art brush. I use a black nail art pen from Color Club. What designs you use is up to you. This time I did lines and dots. In the past, I’ve done the design the same on all ten nails and sometimes I get crazy and do each nail differently! This is an adventurous trend, not for the faint of heart. Get creative and let dry for 2 mins.

Step 5: Add your topcoat to seal everything and allow to dry for 2 minutes and Voila! You’re officially on trend.”




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