Create Smokey Eyes like Jack Sparrow


1 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you start

2 Apply a good base with something specifically designed as an eye base or any regular concealer.

3 Apply in a patting motion with your ring finger across eyelid, in the inside corner, and even a little bit underneath.

Use soft and somewhat powdery kohl eyeliner or black eyeliner to start with.

5 Lift just under your eyebrow with your finger to smooth out your upper lid.

6 Starting at the inside corner of one eye; draw a medium sized line along your lash line.

Do the same on the other side.

 Place the finger from your non-drawing hand in the center directly under your eye.

9 Very gently pull that finger down just slightly… just enough to see that inner rim or water line.

10 Draw another line just along that lower lash line.

11  With your angle brush, apply a little shadow just above that line on your upper eyelid.

12 Do the same underneath your eyes, brushing the shadow down a little further.

13 For Pirate Jack, you are going to blend old school with your fingers.

14  Using that ring finger again smudge out that upper eyeliner, blending it all over your eyelid.

15 With that same kohl-y finger, gently rub under your eyes, from the inside out and in something of a half-circle

16 To finish, dust a little bit of a colorless translucent powder to set your fabulous eyes.


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