Back to school

Hey Guys 1st of all  thank u so much for following ma blog ❤ love u all  & 2ndly sorry i’m not active in these day actually i’m lil busy and don’t have time for posting but i’ll start again posting  as soon as possible 🙂

well It’s time to go back to school 😀 i’m really exited ’bout that

1st i changed my school and i can’t wait to see ma new classmates n teachers

2nd becoz i’ll be in 11th grade that means only 2 years more and then  i’ll have my  High school Diploma .

ugh i decide to wear this ” blue palazzo pant”


on the first day of school but i’m lil bit confused ’bout what to wear with it

black loose top , white tank top or any t-shirt 😛 what u guys think it goes better with loose top , tank top ,t-shirt or any other idea                                                           cmnt below plz

thanks ❤


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