DIY : branch nail art

Diy branch nail art

D.I.Y :Moustache Nails

chic-factor-cute-moustache-nails1Things Required : Transparent Nail Polish, Pale Pink Nail Paint, Dotting Tool (Bobby pin would do), Black Polish and Toothpick 😉

So let’s get started?

Step 1 : Apply a transparent base coat to protect your nails. Follow it up with a pale pink nail polish and let it dry

Step 2: Take a dotting tool, if you don’t have any take a bobby pin, dip it into the black nail paint and make dot in the center just like this

Step 3: Make another dot right beside the one made before

Step 4: Take a toothpick and put in two small dots over towards the end. Something like this

Step 5: Continue with the tooth pink and draw a curvy line connecting the bigger dot to the smaller dot

Step 6: Fill in the side of the moustache with a toothpick. Try not to make it blotchy and fill it in a stippling motion.

Step 7: Repeat the same technique and make the other side of the moustache.

Step 8: Once dried, apply a transparent coat and voila! Beautiful Moustache nails must be looking sexylicious on your nails right? 😉

And you once you perfect it, you can play around. Look at these for inspiration:




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